Entitlement Quicksand

Entitlement Quicksand

Always dragging
Equidistant is inexistent
In your world where
I become
                a malleable option

Stagnant, careful choices
A furious foxhole
Under calm deference
Is the tithe I pay

Bicarbonate for your pH
Constant buffering to
Prevent your acid retribution

Burdened by your expectations
Like these unwanted heavy flesh gifts
From our taxonomic class
I'm still writing that Thank You Note
For the visual, physical, verbal, emotional, sexual
C a g e
Sincerely yours,
The girl you followed and groped

I'll print out a copy for each of you
And burn them with my innocence

          don't let me be like you
         to realizing an identity
Isn't a word you can play with
Tone deaf
                  to the implications
Of your rushing, careless judgements
Harm without even conceiving intention

In you
I see the space I lack
An unfolded view,
Chances to transform a
                      deliberate action.

So all of these
Alveoli gears
Microvilli circuits
Capillary cables
The stress of misalignment
In the humanity machine
Is you
And we've revoked
Your authorship
For specifications
And definitions

I am not your opportunity
I am not

We are your potential

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash